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Should I achieve planning myself?

The key to obtaining planning consent is knowing how to satisfy the needs of the local planning authorities and conforming to their ever changing policies

When dealing with something as important as obtaining a planning consent on your land, it can be a very daunting prospect and also very costly. Any failed planning attempt could blight your land ,and make any future chances of obtaining a consent very difficult, lengthy, complicated, and above all far more expensive.

Should I appoint an architect myself?

Obviously an Architect is needed, but the downfall of appointing your own architect is in most cases they will opt for the easiest scheme, thus not maximising the full potential of your land, so this will then leave you with far less profit and money in your pocket.

At The Land Agents we can find you a tailor made Developer, if desired, who will work with you on the design of the new home, coupled with applying for a planning application that will be realistic ,and above all acceptable to the planning authority whilst achieving the maximum value for your land.

All of the planning fees and risks will then be at the Developers expense, asopposed  to your own money being spent. The Land Owner will always end up with a higher price for the Land as the site is ready to build on without any alterations to the planning consent tosatisfy the Developer. Also you have the comfort that the  price for the sale of your land is pre agreed into a legally binding contract so once a consent is achieved, the Developer will then very swiftly purchase your land.


Why should you sell your land with us rather than an Auctioneer?

If you are looking to sell your land, it would be a comfort to know that over many decades we have built up a very trusted and vast bank of Developers.

We also realise that as well as securing the best price, if you intend to continue living on an adjoining plot, you need to know the Developer will build within a certain time frame and be courteous to any neighbours.

The Land Agents have the edge at achieving you a higher price for your land, as around 80% of our land buyers have never, and will never attend an auction, they prefer to buy land that is not on market or going to auction.. 

If you were contemplating selling your land at a auction, the sale price of your land will be dictated by the buyers that are in the auction room on that day. In fact many sellers come to us after the auction as their plot didn't even reach the reserve price and ask us to find a suitable buyer as quickly as possible.

 We always reach a price for land sellers that was above auction guidelines. 

 If you are selling your Land we would love to help you achieve the maximum value for your plot/plots and completion within weeks. If you would like advice please give us a call with a brief description of the land/property and we can then deliver a genuine offer from an established developer, who is ready, willing, and able to proceed. 

What have you got to lose?

Call us now and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. 

Joint Ventures

This is another successful way of developing your land.

 Joint ventures seem to be gaining in popularity, as they can create a far greater profit for the land owner. With a joint venture, an agreement is entered into, by both the land owner and developer at a pre- arranged percentage profit split. The developer obtains the planning permission and constructs the build all at the developers expense so there is no  expenditure to the land owner whatsoever.

 when built the property is sold and the profits divided.


Should you accept an offer you have had from a Developer?

Contact us for free advice

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