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Land Valuers, Development Consultants, & Land Agents

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Buying or selling land we can provide valuations for land with or without planning for all types of land.
 Garden plots, Paddocks,
Commercial buildings, or Agricultural plots. 
We also provide valuations for Probate, Pension funds,
HMRC Assessments
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Call the Land Agents and we will tell you all you need to know about the value, potential and profit you can make from selling your land in light of new planning laws introduced in 2021.

The first steps you should always take when deciding to buy sell or develop land,  is to establish the value.

There maybe a feasibility of gaining a planning consent, or you may just need to know what its worth. With our skill and vast knowledge we can accurately advise you on the crucial steps towards unlocking the true potential and value of your land.

If you are just try to ascertain the value of your garden see our Garden Valuations page.

 You maybe contemplating obtaining a residential planning consent for a new dwelling or dwellings on your garden? Or do you need advice if a planning consent is viable if you have farm land,  paddock, commercial premises or even greenfield sites, in light of new government planning guidelines. We are frequently appointed by Solicitors,Courts,Parish Councils,Charities and inter Govermental Agencies

If you have land with development potential, you may be looking for a developer to buy your land that is trustworthy, established and will pay the best possible price, we have many premium developers on our books that are urgently looking for land and will purchase land with or without planning. Simply allow us to seek you an offer within days with no obligation and a price that will be far higher than a Auction sale.

We can also offer valuations on all types of land for probate, or simply buying or selling a plot of land at any size.

  A brief look through our website should give you the comfort of knowing, we can value all types of land or assist you on the purchase of buying or selling land.


See our previous projects page outlining our success.

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